Confession 36

I’m going back home soon!!! I feel like a celebrity. People texting me or messaging me like everyday wanting to know when I’m coming back exactly and if I wanna hang out. People are telling me how much hype just hearing about me coming soon is making. You’d be surprised how much people can actually miss you when your coming back home after about a year. All your friends all of a sudden remember you, every girl wants to talk to you and flirt, and family just embracing you coming home. It’s honestly one of the best feelings just knowing I’m going home. Back where it all started, going to finish off and end a great life there. I can’t wait, I’m in shock cause it’s finally happening and the hype is just killing. I feel like they’re going to have a red carpet out. Just having my true friends with me and my family back at home is just an amazing feeling that I don’t know how to describe.

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